Queensland & Northern NSW

Programs4Pain is an interdisciplinary group based in QLD and Northern NSW specialising in pain management and rehabilitation for those suffering from complex, musculoskeletal injuries and persistent pain presentations.

We offer multidisciplinary assessment and rehabilitation programs in group and individualised formats incorporating Pain Education, Physiotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Occupational Rehabilitation and Graded Exposure principles

Our Pain Consultancy Service includes rapid collaboration with leading Pain Physicians, Psychiatrists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Rehabilitation Physicians to provide patients and other stakeholders with a cohesive, integrated team approach for best outcomes.

Our programs are integrated interventions that empower people to understand musculoskeletal injuries, overcome persistent pain barriers, and in some cases assist with durable and safe return to work. Ours programs can be undertaken in a traditional group format under direct contact, or a combination of remote virtual learning (using Skype participation) and 1:1 contact sessions.

Our program's participants may include those who:

  • have a belief that their condition is severely harmful or potentially significantly disabling
  • have activity avoidance in anticipation of pain
  • have low mood, self-efficacy or altered behaviour responses, or withdrawal from social interaction
  • have catastrophic tendencies inclusive of significantly altered cognitive-behavioural function
  • have the expectation that passive rather than active treatment will help the pain
  • have significant issues with medications and or other general health concerns i.e. addiction, tolerance, contraindications or ineffective medication regimes
  • have severe injury/multi-trauma with complications and more than 26 weeks since injury onset
  • have had a failure of medical/surgical treatments
  • require an understanding of their situation
  • have flag signs